Gallstones change everything

I’ll admit, I’m from a meat and meat and potatoes tradition of eating. After a wild last couple of months, I have found that I have developed gallstones. So my normal way of eating right now induces incredible pain, that can require multiple doses of potent narcotics to get under control.
Summarily, this has changed the way I eat quite a bit…no more marbled steaks and greasy casseroles and deep fried delights. At least not of I want to avoid an intense, and unpleasant pain.
So, I will be experimenting with what I can eat until the surgery to remove my gallbladder. Which isn’t scheduled yet and will wind up having to be sometime later this summer.
One thing I do know, I will have to lean much more on fish and seafood, given that I have had no serious attacks from eating those so far.