Album Review: Synesthetica by Radiation City

Yeah, I know what you are thinking…who is Radiation City? That’s what I was thinking when I started listening to this album. I mean, I’d read a few reviews here and there, so I knew Synesthetica was their third studio album, the creation of which was done in fits and starts, and was threatend with the break-up of the bands and the breakup of core members singer/keyboardist Lizzie Ellison and guitarist Cameron Spies.
The album itself is a shortish 9 tracks and 39 minutes. It’s filled with lush songs reminiscent of a lot of late 60s/early 70s pop (think The Mamas and the Papas or the Beach Boys) mixed with the dream pop sensibilities of the 2010s, and a healthy dose of synth-pop sounds and latin beats.

While the record is a confident, well-realized pop album, it does suffer a bit from the modern malaise I’ve been seeing in records this year – an overall sense of sameness. There is a lot of similarity in the overall feel of each track on Synesthetica. From a fan standpoint, this might not be an actual issue, but it kind of reduced my desire to spend a lot of time invested in the album over time. I will pick out some favorite tracks, of course, but this album as a whole won’t be broken out as much.

Recommendation: Stream It

Song I have a Playlist for:Oil Show,Come and Go,Futures
Clunkers I will Thumbs Down: Didn’t really have one.

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