Quick Hits: King, Hinds, DIIV, Chthe’ilist

We are King – King
It was an okay R&B record. At least as good as Jazmine Sullivan’s last year. Just not something that I’m going to want to listen to over and over.
Recommendation: Stream It

Leave Me Alone – Hinds
Meh. This album was a darling of the indie rock press. I thought it was one note and a little boring. The hype reminded me of Haim all over again, but I liked Haim better.
Recommendation: Stream It

Le Denier Crépuscule – Chthe’ilist
This album was acutally a surprise. It’s a death metal album that came very close to operatic metal, just a little darker. Honestly, if it had aimed more at the operatic metal tone, I’d have probably done a review of this album. It’s a very good death metal album, it’s just that death metal isn’t really my thing.
Recommendation: Stream it (if you really like death metal, Buy It. It’s pretty good)

Is The Is Are – DIIV
I have two problems with this album. It’s extremely self-indulgent, in a way that doesn’t interest me. And it’s too long. It’s a double album, so it’s supposed to be long, but the length, with the tone of the album, and the overall feel just didn’t hold my attention. I couldn’t sit through this album the seven or eight times minimum that I feel I want to to write a real review.
Recommendation: Stream It

Let Me Get By – Tedeschi Trucks Band
This album had potential. it was well written and well performed, but I didn’t feel like the band knew what they wanted to be. Some southern rock here, some jazz rock there, some bluesy rock there… It’s fine to have variety, but there wasn’t enough to unify the album for my tastes.
Recommendation: Stream It

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