Album Review: My Darkness, Darkness – Beseech



I’ll admit, I’m not the sort that one would expect to be a fan of Goth/Goth Metal. For one thing, I’m not all that into anything else Goth. For another, I really love pop music and folk music. These do not make people think of a fondness for Goth. But I do like a lot of it.

When searching around for an album that I wanted to review (there were a lot that just didn’t interest me), My Darkness, Darkness  by Beseech was a happy accidental discovery.

Beseech is a Swedish band. I gather from what little reading I’ve done that this incarnation is a largely reconfigured band, containing only two original members – Robert Vintervind, and Klas Bohlin. In fact, their Wikipedia entry has a bizarrely complicated chart tracking band make up and position over time.

In listening, this current band reminds me a lot of Abney Park from their Goth Days, with a rumbling male vocal, and the occasionally soaring female vocal, though Beseech leans more to metal than Abney Park ever did.

They do have a characteristic that I have noticed with some other Swedish metal bands – a lot of lyrics about isolation. I suppose that spending 8 months in the depths of winter can lend to thinking  a bit about that.

On the whole, Beseech is an enjoyable listen if you like Goth/Goth Metal and worth your time to check out if that is the case.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I have a Playlist for:  Mr. Uninvited; My Darkness, Darkness; Atmosphere

Clunkers I will Thumbs down: Bloodline Feve

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