Album Review: Wide Awake – Parachute

I know. I know. Radio friendly commercial pop music, you say. Well, I like radio friendly commercial pop music (if you hadn’t noticed). Wide Awake is the fourth album by Parachute. It appears that they have been pared down to a trio from their previous quintet. Will Anderson still rolls out his trademark smooth radio vocals. Kit French is still around as the main keyboardist. Johnny Stubblefield drums.

Okay, this is Parachute we are talking about. There are no surprises. If you know Parachute, you know exactly what you are getting. Girl pleasing love ballads, with just enough uptempo to work for a beach party. In fact, I kind of imagine Parachute albums as the perfect backdrop to the beach parties I remember from my teens and college years, where we gathered around the bonfire in as the sun set, and some people roamed off to start necking while the rest of us sat around drinking whatever we were drinking and sang badly to whatever was on the radio or tape deck. It is perfect for that.

Wide Awake is perfectly competent, very radio friendly, commercial pop music. It is a decent, if not great album, that pretty much every Parachute fan will enjoy. And if you don’t like Parachute, well, you still won’t like Parachute.

Recommendation: Stream It (Unless you are a Parachute fan. Then you should go ahead and Buy It)

Songs I have a Playlist For: What Side of Love, When You Move, What Breaks My Heart

Clunkers I will Thumbs Down: Getaway


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