Movie Review: Deadpool


Deadpool was hilarious, filthy, and made for people who were teenagers and college students in the ’80s. So don’t take your 10-year-old to it. It proudly earned it’s R rating.

The movie is about a man named Wade Wilson who falls in love and then finds out he has terminal cancer.  Then someone shows up to tell him they can cure his cancer.  Well…after a while, he convinces himself to go for it and that experience turns him into Deadpool. And then he gets mad.

Deadpool, as a movie, is as completely self-deprecating as the character Deadpool. And because this movie was a giant success, Fox and Sony are going to think that all they have to do is make R-rated superhero movies to repeat that success. And they will utterly miss the mark, because Wolverine is not utterly self-deprecating. Wolverine is angry. Angry won’t work in the same way self-deprecating, and so we, I predict, will be subjected to a bunch of R-rated attempts to remake The Dark Knight or X-Men: Origins or what have you and we’ll be stuck with god awful Christopher Nolanesque superhero movies with more sex and violence and a lot of fucks and they’ll be terrible.

But, we can always return to Deadpool and say, well, at least they got it right once.

Song Spotlight: Beautiful – Red Delicious

I first discovered Red Delicious back when was actually a useful site. They released a self-produced CD called Emotional Blur that was one of my favorite albums of the 90s. In the 2000s, they released an called Addictions and Scars and then were never really heard from again. Which is sad because they were a great band.

This is probably my favorite Red Delicious song – Beautiful. A mildly addictive song, I can put this on repeat and just let it wash over me.

Album Review: My Darkness, Darkness – Beseech



I’ll admit, I’m not the sort that one would expect to be a fan of Goth/Goth Metal. For one thing, I’m not all that into anything else Goth. For another, I really love pop music and folk music. These do not make people think of a fondness for Goth. But I do like a lot of it.

When searching around for an album that I wanted to review (there were a lot that just didn’t interest me), My Darkness, Darkness  by Beseech was a happy accidental discovery.

Beseech is a Swedish band. I gather from what little reading I’ve done that this incarnation is a largely reconfigured band, containing only two original members – Robert Vintervind, and Klas Bohlin. In fact, their Wikipedia entry has a bizarrely complicated chart tracking band make up and position over time.

In listening, this current band reminds me a lot of Abney Park from their Goth Days, with a rumbling male vocal, and the occasionally soaring female vocal, though Beseech leans more to metal than Abney Park ever did.

They do have a characteristic that I have noticed with some other Swedish metal bands – a lot of lyrics about isolation. I suppose that spending 8 months in the depths of winter can lend to thinking  a bit about that.

On the whole, Beseech is an enjoyable listen if you like Goth/Goth Metal and worth your time to check out if that is the case.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I have a Playlist for:  Mr. Uninvited; My Darkness, Darkness; Atmosphere

Clunkers I will Thumbs down: Bloodline Feve

Quick Hits: Lapsley, Greg Laswell, Sound of Ceres,

Long Way Home – Låpsley
I was expecting something utterly different than what she gave for this album. She released an EP in January that was closer to the dream pop end of the spectrum. This album feels a little mixed up. Some dream pop. Some R&B. Some schizphrenia. It feels like she didn’t know what she wanted out of a full album.

Recommendation: Stream It

Nostalgia For Infinity – Sound of Ceres
This is a dream pop album. I like dream pop. That’s why I picked it out. And the singer was pretty good. The rest of the band, however, felt monotonal, in a way. It felt like the music was on the very boundary between dream pop and some sort of high pitched drone pop, and there was a severe lack of dynamic range.

Recommendation: Stream It

Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet – Greg Laswell
Greg Laswell is a moderately talented singer/songwriter with a long resume. The issue I have with him is that I find his voice to be a touch grating. His lyrics are good, even pithy sometimes. His music is at least listenable. I just don’t want to hear him sing it. YMMV.

Recommendation: Stream It.

Song Spotlight: Here With Me – Susie Suh with Robot Koch

I really need to make friends with some music directors for televisions shows. They find the most amazing things sometimes. Take Here With Me by Susie Suh, with Robot Koch…I heard this for the first time on The Blacklist. It was an interesting song for that spot in the show, and it’s even better just as a song to listen to.