Song Spotlight: Mexico – The Staves

It always pleases me when I come across something that perfectly fits my taste. It also makes me frustrated that something like this can escape my notice for as long as it does. I mean, you’d think they’d come up in Pandora, or on the You Tube recommendations or something.

In any event, The Staves are such a group that perfectly fits my taste. Largely acoustic, female singers, close harmony. I love all those things and The Staves are all those things combined.

Song Spotlight: Slow Dancer – Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen has this fascinating way with broken love songs. Cigarettes is an absolutely addictive song, and so it this one off his latest album, Slow Dancer. And, to be honest, he has hired some really good directors to do his videos. It’s rare for me that a video adds something to a great song, but Gundersen has now done two videos that do that for me.

Song Spotlight – Two Way Street – Kimbra

I know Lorde is everybody’s New Zealand darling, but I like Kimbra more, and have for longer. Most people know her from her guest turn on Goyte’s┬áSomebody That I Used To Know, but she has an excellent body of work all her own and I encourage you to check it out.

Song Spotlight – 1944 – Jamala

Okay, we’re in America. Which means that when you look at the Eurovision song contest, we are basically under a rock (Why do Canada and Australia get to participate though /end whining).

So, you, if you are in the states, might not have known that Eurovision 2016 just ended, and the odds on favorite – Russia – finished 3rd, which probably sent Putin into a mouth-foaming froth. But then, when he heard who won, he probably had a conniption. Because the winner was 1944 by Jamala representing Ukraine. About the Russian campaign against the Tartars in Crimea. Yeah, Putin wasn’t going to have a good day.

Song Spotlight: Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake


Okay, I looked for a good version of his Eurovision performance of this song and couldn’t find one. So, we’ll go with the Justin Timberlake posted one.

This is the best of what Justin Timberlake is capable of. A song that makes you move, with great singing and an excellent arrangement.