Quick Hits: Wire, Andy Stott, The Coathangers

None of these albums are poorly written or performed. They just weren’t for me. YMMV.

Recommendation for all of them is Stream.

Nocturnal Koreans – Wire

This is a pretty straightforward rock album, but it ultimately wasn’t terribly memorable or engaging for me.

Too Many Voices – Andy Stott

This is a Dance/Electronica album that started out pretty good for me, but really petered out by the end for some reason I really can’t identify. I just completely lost interest in it.

Nosebleed Weekend – The Coathangers

On this album, The Coathangers strongly remind me of the Romantics, but with less shouting. Still, kind of an 80s punk sound that could be pretty engaging if I were in the mood for it. But I’m not right now and don’t know that I will be in the foreseeable future.


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