Album Review – A Face Like Mine – Peter Bradley Adams

A Face Like Mine is Peter Bradley Adams sixth studio album.  A quiet, reflective demeanor fills this album, even on the most driven songs on the album.

There’s an enveloping nature to this album filled with soft edges and delving stories.  While it takes several listens to feel the full extent of the songs on the album, when you pay attention, there are deep and surprisingly detailed stories to find.

This album is right on the dividing line for me. People who love Americana, or really like Peter Bradley Adams would be well advised to buy this album. It might take some time to grow on the rest of his possible audience. It’s not that they album is inaccessible, but rather than it takes some reflection to really appreciate.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I have a Playlist For: Lorrain, A Face Like Mine, On Jordan’s Stormy Banks

Songs I will Thumbsdown: None

Album Review – Life Love Flesh Blood – Imelda May

On her fifth studio album, Imelda May has taken a turn away from the blistering rockabilly that has been her calling card. Under sure guidance from T-Bone Burnett and his team, May has made an album of dusky Americana peppered with torch song jazz, British soul, and touches of blues.

Her 2015 divorce clearly influenced the album, with songs of heartbreak and rebuke, but there is also a sense of passion for love and life.  This album showcases May’s wonderful voice and amazing stylistic range that people only familiar with her albums would have been unaware of.  However, people who remember her work with longtime May booster Jeff Beck, and the long list of other luminaries (eg Lou Rawls, Jools Holland, and Tom Jones) will not be surprised.

While only time will tell for sure, this album seems to mark a turn into a more varied style, with a deeper sense of self and connection that one might get from the wild rockabilly of her previous albums. It certainly gives much greater play to her great vocal range and flexibility.

Recommendation: Buy It

Tracks I Have a playlist for: Call Me, Black Tears, Sixth Sense, How Bad Can a Good Girl Be

Tracks that I will Thumbs Down: The Girl I Used to Be


An observation

I’ve been reading a lot of album reviews lately. Some reviewers nee critics concentrate on accurately their impressions of the music and it’s affect upon them. But man, are there a lot of reviewers who write in a way as to show how many names they can compare someone to.

Now, I’ll grant that that might be useful for a particular kind of reader.  But, it’s tiresome to read, if you aren’t  that kind of reader. And I think, kind of lazy. It’s also less informative than if they had just described their own reaction to the music.