Album Review – A Face Like Mine – Peter Bradley Adams

A Face Like Mine is Peter Bradley Adams sixth studio album.  A quiet, reflective demeanor fills this album, even on the most driven songs on the album.

There’s an enveloping nature to this album filled with soft edges and delving stories.  While it takes several listens to feel the full extent of the songs on the album, when you pay attention, there are deep and surprisingly detailed stories to find.

This album is right on the dividing line for me. People who love Americana, or really like Peter Bradley Adams would be well advised to buy this album. It might take some time to grow on the rest of his possible audience. It’s not that they album is inaccessible, but rather than it takes some reflection to really appreciate.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I have a Playlist For: Lorrain, A Face Like Mine, On Jordan’s Stormy Banks

Songs I will Thumbsdown: None

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