Album Review – Beautiful Trauma – Pink


After a 5 year break, Pink returns with the album Beautiful Trauma.

Pink is at her best when she’s singing about things that are personal and raw.  And there is plenty of that on Beautiful Trauma.

At it’s best, Beautiful Trauma is beautifully emotive and raw. At it’s worst, it’s  self-indulgent and colorless.  Still, the good moments are more frequent than the bad, and, frankly, I liked it better than The Truth About Love.


Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I Have a Playlist for: Beautiful Trauma, What About Us, But We Lost It, Better Life, I Am Here

Songs I will Thumbs Down: Revenge, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Album Review – Broken Machine – Nothing But Theives

I don’t know why I keep seeing people saying rock is dead.  There’s lots of great new rock out there.  Unless you’re being one of those obnoxious purists who have a very narrow view of rock. Part of keeping rock a living genre is that it takes things from its siblings.  We’re all used to blues-tinged rock and it’s widely accepted. But lately, rock has been borrowing elements of electronica, pop, and even dance music from various parts of the world. That’s the real objection rock fans who complain about the genre dying have. They’re so stuck in the 80s classic rock/power ballad vein that they can’t accept the genre growing.

Nothing But Thieves’ new album, Broken Machine, is an excellent example of rock growing and people grousing about it. Nothing But Thieves has created a lyrically complex, acoustically challenging album with (on the Deluxe version) 15 tracks, though two are acoustic versions of songs earlier on the album.  And in doing so, they have fused the alt-rock sound of their first album with other influences to create a lush soundscape that’s well worth the time investment. Over and over again.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I have a playlist for: I Was Just A Kid, Amsterdam, Sorry, I’m Not Made By Design, Reset Me

Songs I Will Thumbs Down: none