Album Review – I Was Hoping You’d Pass By Here – Ghost Music

Given that I suspect not very many people know about this band, I’m not surprised there are no videos for any of the band’s songs available.

Ghost Music is a band from Southend with a decidedly dreamy take on indie guitar rock. Its modern melancholy meets 60s minimalism to create a quiet but snappy album. Only two songs on the exceed 4 minutes, meaning that even album filled with nostalgic melancholy moves at a good pace.

It’s a pleasant album to listen to, but it suffers a bit from sameness. Too many songs sound a bit like too many other songs on the album, so everything but the genuinely fantastic songs kind of fade into the background as you listen.  Still, it is a pleasant, guitar-centric album, and if you like that sort of thing, it’s worth giving it a try.


Recommendation: Stream It

Songs I Have a Playlist for:  Heart Shaped Holiday, We Could Get Along, Queen of                                                                    England, Blackbird Stars

Songs I Would Thumbs Down:  Let’s Meet