Album Review – Eurus – The Oh Hellos

The Oh Hellos are back with the second in a series of 4 EPs they plan on releasing with what looks like a frenetic pace.

Eurus, named after the Roman god of the east wind, follows the same format as Nolos, with a number of longer connected songs, bridged by very short pieces. It is essentially 1 19:28 minute song broken up into 7 movements.

Like their early work, the Oh Hellos can go from quiet to frenetic in the space of 1 bar. It has the familiar indie-folk feel that fans of earlier albums will know.

If there is a problem with Eurus, it’s that it feels like the band is reworking the same field – following the same path – over and over. They do it very well, but I’d like them to feel a little less prescriptive and predictable.


Recommendation: Stream It

Songs I have a playlist for: Oh Sleeper

Songs I would thumbs down: None

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