Album Review – Chime – Dessa

Chime is the third full-length album by Dessa, who is a member of the hip-hop collective Doomtree out of Minneapolis.

The first thing you notice about Chime is how it sucks you in.  It’s easy to ride the sounds in this album and easier to get sucked into the lyrics. There are twin currents of melancholy and anger running under this album. Melancholy over a world that should be, anger at this shit that it is.

There is a lot less rap on this album, than previously. But the tracks built around rapping are solid. The best work, however, is her full-bore dive into singing.  On the whole, this is a fully absorbing album that I heartily recommend to everyone.

Recommendation:  Buy It

Tracks I have a Playlist for: Ride, Velodrome, Good Grief, Boy Crazy, Jumprope, Half of You, Say When, 5 out of 6

Songs I will Thumbs Down: Shrimp