Album Review – Part Of The Light – Ray LaMontagne


Part Of The Light is the seventh album by Ray LaMontagne.

After Supernova let him break free from what he evidently felt were the shackles of his folk-rock roots, LaMontagne released the concept album Ouroboros which was acclaimed by music aficionados and kind of ignored by his folk-rock fan base.

Then comes Part Of The Light, an album of self-produced songs, some of which feel like they were leftovers from his last two albums. The album is not cohesive, but more a collection of singles, which isn’t really something we expect from LaMontagne.  And it’s success seems to depend largely on how much you liked his last two albums.

There are some very good songs on this album, but there’s too much that doesn’t fit together for me to say buy it.

Recommendation: Stream It

Songs I Have A Playlist For: It’s Always Been You, Such A Simple Thing, No Answer Arrives

Songs I Will Thumbs Down:  As Black As Blood Is Blue, Paper Man