Album Review – Dirty Computer – Janelle Monáe


Dirty Computer is the third studio album from Janelle Monáe.  Monáe is enigmatic to many music journalists because she doesn’t fit into a neat genre category for them to define.

Along with the release of the Dirty Computer album, the short film linked above was also released. And, for me, the short film makes the album a lot more accessible, as it anchors the music for me.

Most of all, Dirty Computer is an anthem album for the dispossessed and downtrodden, for the outcast and the ostracized. Every song is about trying to live as a person someone is in a country that doesn’t want people to live as they are, whether that be as an LGBTQ person, a minority person, a woman, a man who isn’t “a man’s man”, a non-binary person – whatever.  I can feel the collective freakout building from the rigid “this is what America is supposed to be” crown.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I Have a Playlist For: Crazy, Classic, Life; Screwed, Django Jane, Pynk, Make Me Feel, Don’t Judge Me, Americans

Songs I will Thumbs Down: None

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