Album Review – Golden Hour – Kasey Musgraves


Golden Hour is the third album from Kasey Musgraves.

The strength of Kasey Musgraves has always been that she pretty much plays what she wants to. Some of it’s a little bit country. Some of it’s a little bit pop. There’s even a dance beat or two thrown in for good measure.

She sings about what she wants to sing about, with little regard for what other people will think about it, but she’s pleased when the rest of us like it.  In that respect, she’s the healthiest performer out there right now. And frankly, it’s the reason I like her work.

Her earnest lyrics and varied musical approaches create a strongly written album that feels just a little bit unsure of what it wants to be. But I don’t think that all the songs on the album have to hang on the same wall for it to work.  Or we can just admit that popular music is very broad nowadays and call it pop.  It’s not an insult, regardless of the opinions of the snobbery.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I Have a Playlist For: Slow Burn; Lonely Weekend; Oh, What a World; Happy & Sad; Wonder Woman; High Horse; Golden Hour

Songs I Would Thumbs Down:  Butterflies; Mother

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