My name is Michael. I’m a mid-life crisis in process, pulling to reclaim my wild youth, pushing to stay ahead of my impending age.  I’m a Unix admin by trade, working on a Master’s degree in Economics, because I can see a day when a 20+ year old Computer Science degree will be worthless. 

This is a place to collect my thoughts, write recipes, post poetry, and the other things I want to do in a public space. Some of it might be introspective. I doubt any of it will be pithy.

If there was any doubt, all words and photos on this site are  owned by Michael Fay and require permission to reuse.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Thank you so much for the Jason Isbell mention on Scalzi’s page a few days ago. I’d never heard him, and now I’ve got his new album and am listening to in a state of awe. We only get a few poets / songwriters like this each generation, and here’s one of ours. 🙂

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