Quick Hits: Wire, Andy Stott, The Coathangers

None of these albums are poorly written or performed. They just weren’t for me. YMMV.

Recommendation for all of them is Stream.

Nocturnal Koreans – Wire

This is a pretty straightforward rock album, but it ultimately wasn’t terribly memorable or engaging for me.

Too Many Voices – Andy Stott

This is a Dance/Electronica album that started out pretty good for me, but really petered out by the end for some reason I really can’t identify. I just completely lost interest in it.

Nosebleed Weekend – The Coathangers

On this album, The Coathangers strongly remind me of the Romantics, but with less shouting. Still, kind of an 80s punk sound that could be pretty engaging if I were in the mood for it. But I’m not right now and don’t know that I will be in the foreseeable future.


Quick Hits: Lapsley, Greg Laswell, Sound of Ceres,

Long Way Home – Låpsley
I was expecting something utterly different than what she gave for this album. She released an EP in January that was closer to the dream pop end of the spectrum. This album feels a little mixed up. Some dream pop. Some R&B. Some schizphrenia. It feels like she didn’t know what she wanted out of a full album.

Recommendation: Stream It

Nostalgia For Infinity – Sound of Ceres
This is a dream pop album. I like dream pop. That’s why I picked it out. And the singer was pretty good. The rest of the band, however, felt monotonal, in a way. It felt like the music was on the very boundary between dream pop and some sort of high pitched drone pop, and there was a severe lack of dynamic range.

Recommendation: Stream It

Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet – Greg Laswell
Greg Laswell is a moderately talented singer/songwriter with a long resume. The issue I have with him is that I find his voice to be a touch grating. His lyrics are good, even pithy sometimes. His music is at least listenable. I just don’t want to hear him sing it. YMMV.

Recommendation: Stream It.

Quick Hits: King, Hinds, DIIV, Chthe’ilist

We are King – King
It was an okay R&B record. At least as good as Jazmine Sullivan’s last year. Just not something that I’m going to want to listen to over and over.
Recommendation: Stream It

Leave Me Alone – Hinds
Meh. This album was a darling of the indie rock press. I thought it was one note and a little boring. The hype reminded me of Haim all over again, but I liked Haim better.
Recommendation: Stream It

Le Denier Crépuscule – Chthe’ilist
This album was acutally a surprise. It’s a death metal album that came very close to operatic metal, just a little darker. Honestly, if it had aimed more at the operatic metal tone, I’d have probably done a review of this album. It’s a very good death metal album, it’s just that death metal isn’t really my thing.
Recommendation: Stream it (if you really like death metal, Buy It. It’s pretty good)

Is The Is Are – DIIV
I have two problems with this album. It’s extremely self-indulgent, in a way that doesn’t interest me. And it’s too long. It’s a double album, so it’s supposed to be long, but the length, with the tone of the album, and the overall feel just didn’t hold my attention. I couldn’t sit through this album the seven or eight times minimum that I feel I want to to write a real review.
Recommendation: Stream It

Let Me Get By – Tedeschi Trucks Band
This album had potential. it was well written and well performed, but I didn’t feel like the band knew what they wanted to be. Some southern rock here, some jazz rock there, some bluesy rock there… It’s fine to have variety, but there wasn’t enough to unify the album for my tastes.
Recommendation: Stream It

Quick hits: Chairlift, Savages, De Rosa, Shuyler Jansen, Eleanor Freidberger

I’ve listened to a bunch of albums over the last week, thinking about what I was going to review. All of these were albums that I wouldn’t rate Run Away, but for one reason or another I can’t really bring myself to listen to them enough to do a full review:

Adore Life – Savages – Savages is a pretty popular post-punk band from England, that has been pretty well received. But this album just didn’t hold my attention. I felt like there was kind of one speed and one volume across the album.  Recommendation: Stream It

Moth – Chairlift – I actually liked this album when I actively listened to it. But if I put it on to listen to while I did something else, it faded completely into the background. It was an album that didn’t work for me as background, and frankly, not one that I liked enough that I would want to spend 10+ listens actively concentrating on it. Recommendation: Stream It

Weem – De Rosa – this is kind of a folk-rock band that felt like they had an identity crisis to me. Most of the album would have felt more enticing if it had been either more lush, or more sparse. They are kind of in a space where they want a lush sound without lush instrumentation, to me. But I know that a lot of critics really liked it. Recommendation: Strean Ut.

New View – Eleanor Friedberger – This album had the same problem that Chairlift’s album had for me. It just got totally lost when I tried to listen to it while doing something else. I didn’t like it as much as Moth, either. It was okay, but it didn’t hold my attention.  Recommendation: Stream It

The Long Shadow – Shuyler Jones – Jones has put out a folk album with schizophrenia. It has some nearly bluegrass sounding songs. It has some pretty standard folk fare. And then it’s got the psychedelic metal with Jethro Tull influences. There actually isn’t anything bad about any of this, but it really didn’t fit as an album for me. Give me a straight forward folk rock album. Give me a folk metal album with touches of psychedlia. But they don’t mix terribly well for me. Recommendation: Stream It.