Song Spotlight: Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake


Okay, I looked for a good version of his Eurovision performance of this song and couldn’t find one. So, we’ll go with the Justin Timberlake posted one.

This is the best of what Justin Timberlake is capable of. A song that makes you move, with great singing and an excellent arrangement.

Song Spotlight: Pale Kings – Shearwater

Jet Plane and Oxbow is one of my favorite albums so far this year. It touches on the progressive rock of my teen years, while still being current and a great listen.

Pale Kings is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and I especially like the live performance from the KEXP studios here.

Song Spotlight – Why You Wanna Hurt Me So Bad? – Prince

I’m not one of Prince’s big fans. I liked his radio hits, for the most part. His movies were pretty hit or miss for me. But man, could he play guitar.

Where Prince really stands out for me is that he made it okay for African Americans to be themselves – that is, if you were a weird kid, Prince made it okay to be weird. Prince wasn’t the first rock musician to traffic in androgyny, but he was the one that

Prince wasn’t the first rock musician to traffic in androgyny, but he was the one that teenagers in the 80s recognized (Bowie was great, but he was also in his Blue Jean period by that time, and the average teen wasn’t that curious about music history).

Anyway, this is probably my favorite Prince song. It’s certainly where we start seeing him bring funk and rock together to forge his way into the ground-breaking career he had.

Song Spotlight – Skyrocket – Kesang Marstrand

Okay, I had never heard of Kesang Marstrand until last night. Evidently, she has 5 albums, or at least that’s what’s available on Google Play Music.

Interestingly, I know For My Love came out in 2015, but neither Album of the Year, and the Wiki albums release page has it listed. Which they should. Had I known about it, it would have been in my top 10 last year.

Anyway, here is the single that I heard on Sirius of all places.