My current rotation and a note on Recommendations

So, this is a list of the albums that I love, regardless of where I might place their quality. I’m putting this here basically so people have a sense of my taste, because I think that if someone is doing reviews, it behooves them to give those who are reading those reviews a sense of what they like. That lets the reader decide if they like the same things and if so, they may find the reviewers reviews helpful. If the reader, on the other hand, doesn’t appreciate the taste of the reviewer, that lets them know that that reviewer might not be a great place to look for new things to listen to.

I, for one, don’t much agree with the two reviewers that happen to get the most play in the part of the country I live in (mostly by dint of their radio show, Sound Opinions). Kot and DeRogatis are fine reviewers, but they are far too fond of musical genres that I, personally, don’t connect with at all.

As to how I rate albums, I’m using a simple scale:
Buy it – I like the album a lot and think it’s worthy of people to put their money down for
Try it – I like parts of the album, or I liked the whole album, but it’s probably not something that I would buy if I can listen to it on my favorite streaming platform. Give it a listen. Maybe you’ll really like it and want to buy it. Maybe you won’t. But it doesn’t hurt to explore
Run away – Ugh. This album was bad in one or more ways. I didn’t like it at all, and if you share similar tastes to mine, odds are you probably won’t either. Of course, if your tastes are radically different, you may love it, but I’m done with it. Won’t be listening to it again. In all fairness, there won’t be many of these, if any, that appear on A Place for My Stuff. I mean, I only have so much time, so why would I want to spend my time listening to something that I don’t like.

And now a list of my favorite albums – the ones I listen to time and again:

The Blessed Unrest – Sara Bareilles
It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense – Ingrid Michaelson
Queen of the Clouds – Tove Lo
If You Leave – Daughter
Caress of Steel – Rush
Little Voice – Sara Bareilles
Dream after Dream – Journey
Once Upon Another Time – Sara Bareilles
Not To Disappear – Daughter
After Laughter – Paramore
God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise – Ray LaMonatagne and the Pariah Dogs
Broken Machine – Nothing But Thieves
Comalies – Lacuna Coil
Semente – Sinistro
Mezzanine – Massive Attack
Sangue Cassia – Sinistro
Halflife – Lacuna Coil
Delirium – Lacuna Coil

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