Album Review – This Is Not the End – MILCK


I sat with this EP for a long time assessing it. There are some really powerful songs on it – anthems for the modern women’s movement. And there are some songs that kind of fade into the background as pale reflections of their stronger counterparts.

I Don’t Belong To You and Quiet carry the weight of this EP. Quiet was performed at the DC Women’s March and has echoed and resonated throughout that movement since. I Don’t Belong To You is a push back against male entitlement and expectations that carries a perfect angry edge to boost it.

The rest of the album is not as impressive. There is a very Beth Orton-like cover of Ooh Child, that is okay. The rest of the album tends to fall into the background, and it takes an active listening effort to foreground it. It’s not that any of the songs are bad. But there is so little to differentiate them.

Recommendation: Stream It (You’ll probably want to buy the two best                                                                                    singles; I do)

Songs I Have a Playlist For: I Don’t Belong To You, Quiet

Songs I Will Thumbs Down: Black Sheep, Undercover