Album Review – Sangue Cassia – Sinistro


Sinistro is a Portuguese doom metal band and Sangue Cassia is their third album.

So, compared to some of the other doom metal bands that I’m aware of, Sinistro is far more ambient.  I think this can, in part, be attributed to lead vocalist Patricia Andrade, who lays powerful, but often lilting vocals down on top of the band’s power riffs. But even then, Sinistro is not afraid of the synth, for example.

I liked their second album, Semente, when I discovered it, but it had trouble sustaining itself for a full album (one 11 minute song ended with 5 minutes of the same riff, in a kind of unrelenting way). Sangue Cassia is an improvement on Semente. Now, I don’t speak Portuguese, so their lyrics might be the most inane thing ever, but when Andrade’s voice is souring over the gutteral thrum of the band, they sound great.

I will warn you, this is a doom metal band, and they live up to the reputation that I feel doom metal should have of having at least a couple extremely long songs. Sangue Cassia has tracks that are 11, 8, and 10 minutes long. But they seem to have overcome their previous issues with how to handle that and these very long songs don’t feel like a slog to me.

Recommendation: Buy It

Songs I have a Playlist for: Lotus, Vento Sul, Nuvem, Ferida

Songs I would Thumbs down: None

Album Review – Just for Us – Francis and the Lights


The latest album from Francis and the Lights is a quiet synthpop album that doesn’t offer anything that grabs the attention, nor anything that repels attention. It’s not a bad album, but it’s utterly generic. In fact, it would make a pretty decent 26 minute ambient track if they cut the vocals.

Of the 10 songs on the album, only 3 are over 3 minutes. Which works way better for a punk rock album that a synthpop album.  I walk away from tracks thinking that they should have been developed more.

All in all, it makes pretty good background music, but I had a hard time really foregrounding this album in my mind. Still, I’ll keep it in my streaming rotation for something unobtrusive to listen to when I just need something in the background.

Recommendation:  Try It

Songs I have a playlist for: None

Songs I would Thumbs down: None