Quick Hits: Lapsley, Greg Laswell, Sound of Ceres,

Long Way Home – Låpsley
I was expecting something utterly different than what she gave for this album. She released an EP in January that was closer to the dream pop end of the spectrum. This album feels a little mixed up. Some dream pop. Some R&B. Some schizphrenia. It feels like she didn’t know what she wanted out of a full album.

Recommendation: Stream It

Nostalgia For Infinity – Sound of Ceres
This is a dream pop album. I like dream pop. That’s why I picked it out. And the singer was pretty good. The rest of the band, however, felt monotonal, in a way. It felt like the music was on the very boundary between dream pop and some sort of high pitched drone pop, and there was a severe lack of dynamic range.

Recommendation: Stream It

Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet – Greg Laswell
Greg Laswell is a moderately talented singer/songwriter with a long resume. The issue I have with him is that I find his voice to be a touch grating. His lyrics are good, even pithy sometimes. His music is at least listenable. I just don’t want to hear him sing it. YMMV.

Recommendation: Stream It.