Movie Review: Deadpool


Deadpool was hilarious, filthy, and made for people who were teenagers and college students in the ’80s. So don’t take your 10-year-old to it. It proudly earned it’s R rating.

The movie is about a man named Wade Wilson who falls in love and then finds out he has terminal cancer. ¬†Then someone shows up to tell him they can cure his cancer. ¬†Well…after a while, he convinces himself to go for it and that experience turns him into Deadpool. And then he gets mad.

Deadpool, as a movie, is as completely self-deprecating as the character Deadpool. And because this movie was a giant success, Fox and Sony are going to think that all they have to do is make R-rated superhero movies to repeat that success. And they will utterly miss the mark, because Wolverine is not utterly self-deprecating. Wolverine is angry. Angry won’t work in the same way self-deprecating, and so we, I predict, will be subjected to a bunch of R-rated attempts to remake The Dark Knight or X-Men: Origins or what have you and we’ll be stuck with god awful Christopher Nolanesque superhero movies with more sex and violence and a lot of fucks and they’ll be terrible.

But, we can always return to Deadpool and say, well, at least they got it right once.