Song Spotlight: Slow Dancer – Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen has this fascinating way with broken love songs. Cigarettes is an absolutely addictive song, and so it this one off his latest album, Slow Dancer. And, to be honest, he has hired some really good directors to do his videos. It’s rare for me that a video adds something to a great song, but Gundersen has now done two videos that do that for me.

Song Spotlight: Blossom by Noah Gundersen

I looked for a decent concert version of this song, but the only one I found was in the middle of a 26-minute video of a KEXP appearance. And while I like the KEXP appearance, I only wanted to play this song. This song being Blossom, from Noah Gundersen’s latest album, Carry the Ghost. Fans of the Vampire Diaries have probably already spent a lot of time obsessing over this song. I can see a very melodramatic love scene played out against this in the background, and I know it was used in the Vampire Diaries at some point.

Song Spotlight: Cigarettes by Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen has 2 LPs and 4 EPs to his name. In 2008, he was part of the band Courage. Cigarettes is off the album Ledges.

This song has all the hallmarks of a spotlight song on a Place for My Stuff. It’s a folk-rock ballad sung with heart and fervor. This was probably my single favorite song released in 2014 and this is my favorite music video that wasn’t a concert video in probably the last decade.