Song Spotlight: Shelter Me – Bob Mould


I never listened to Husker Du. They didn’t even play them on the radio where I grew up. Hell, I didn’t even know there was a band named Husker Du until I discovered this track, and wondered who Bob Mould was.

This probably explains why I like this song better than anything I have followed up by listening to from Husker Du.

Song Spotlight: Made Again by Marillion



Yeah, there are two videos for this one. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better – in one Rothery is playing a classical nylon string guitar and in the other he’s playing a steel 12-string.  And one is fairly recent and one was from quite some time ago.

Made Again is, I think, my favorite single song from the Steve Hogarth fronted Marillion. Maybe from all of Marillion (though Fish wrote some killer songs).  It’s from the album Brave released all the way back in 1992.