Album Review – Something Worth Saving – Gavin DeGraw


Something Worth Saving is the sixth studio album from Gavin DeGraw, released on September 9th, 2016 from RCA Records.

Fans of Gavin DeGraw will recognize a familiar formula of bouncy, upbeat pop mixed with the occasional bombastic ballad. For me, the upbeat stuff usually works far better than the ballads with DeGraw, and Something Worth Saving hasn’t really changed my mind.

For my tastes, Gavin DeGraw just writes better upbeat pop than he does ballads, which tends towards the self-indulgently melancholy in his hands.  There are exceptions (think Not Over You), and this album has an odd exception or two (Say I Am is a successful ballad, and Annalee is an upbeat presentation with a subversive lyric), but still, the pattern holds pretty well.

Recommendation: Try it

Songs I have a playlist for: She Sets The City On Fire, Kite Like Girl, Say I Am, Analee

Songs I will thumbs down: Makin Love With the Radio On, Harder to Believe, Something Worth Saving