Song Spotlight – Shorty Don’t Wait – Great Big World ft Julia Nunes (from before they were known as Great Big World)

So, Great Big World had a really big hit a couple of years ago. So big that Christina Aguilera wanted to do a completely superfluous version with her in it. And, of course, they did because, why the hell not?

Well, this was when they were a couple of dudes touring tiny clubs in a volkswagon, with Julia Nunes being the headline act (yeah, it was a while ago). But it’s the perfect kind of vibe that shows why they could come up with something that would later become a giant hit.

And, yes, they are another group that I know about because of YouTube.

Song Spotlight: Boys in the Street – Greg Holden

Continuing with the musicians that I would not know if it weren’t for YouTube, here’s Greg Holden. He has a lot of songs about father/son relationships, and this one is one of those. But he’s a good songwriter. And his songs are worth listening to.

Song Spotlight: Forever Blue – Kina Grannis

Another YouTube made music star, Kina Grannis has a couple self-released albums out. She won a contest that would have gotten her a record contract, but she found the constraints of  being with a record company didn’t fit with her musical vision and chose to go it alone. She’s been relatively successful since.

This is her first song after a several months break, so, I thought I would just continue the YouTube inspired Song Spotlights.